Girls and Women outskirts of São Paulo can not believe in their potential to fulfill dreams and make plans. They fail to build targets, because they feel helpless.

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Doando R$ 20,00 você dá o pontapé para o Projeto Eu S.A. com 01 Apostila Garantida!

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These resources are essential so that we can get supplies and maintain technical team and so we will be able to transform the reality of 20 girls / women Itaquera enabling them to create change in the world.


Donating 40.00 you strengthen the design I S / A. with 01 months of warranty for 01 Snack Girl!


150.00 donating you provide for 01 girl design US S / A. 01 month guaranteed!


Giving you warrant to 400.00 US project S / A. All Tutorials!


Donating 891.00 You give the opportunity to transform the life of 01 Girl SP Peripherals

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Empower girls and women to discover their potential so that they can become protagonists of their stories. The Project US S / A provides relevant content of empowerment, vocational guidance and mentorias for girls / women to build a life plan. Every girl / woman has a dream, just need to find out!

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In 2019 already serve more than 350 children and adolescents, since We empower more than 100 women.

20 Girls / Women in socially vulnerable

In our history of 23 years already impactamos positively over 15 thousand people.

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

Your donation is extremely important and necessary for more lives to be impacted. Every donation helps and makes a difference. Support and be part of the campaign!Sua doação é extremamente importante e necessária para que mais vidas sejam impactadas positivamente. Toda doação ajuda e faz diferença. Faça parte desta campanha!

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