It is public knowledge to vulnerable young people and children residents of Rio's communities meet. Every day the news is filled with stories about drug trafficking, lack of access to leisure, culture and education and violence in these places. Regarding the German Complex, a place that will get the project activities, Complexo do Alemão is one of the least developed districts of Rio de Janeiro. A list of all 126 districts of Rio, occupies the last place in terms of the Human Development Index. Moreover, it is one of the city areas most affected by violence. Between July 2016 and 2017, 225 shots were recorded in the community - no other neighborhood in Rio had more (Crossfire). In this socio-economic context, the development of young people is much more complicated.

Abraço Campeão

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Contributes to the purchase of educational materials for school tuition

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The proceeds from this campaign will be used for maintenance of the activities offered by Hug Champion, highlighting:

• Educational material for school tuition
• Cultural Tours • Snacks for citizenship classes
• Purchase uniforms for the target audience
• Space Maintenance
• Sporting events and citizenship in the community


Contributes to the students' snacks.


Contributes to the sporting and civic events held in the Alemão complex of favelas


Contributes to the purchase of uniforms for new students


Contribute to maintenance of space, and consequently external activities for the dissemination of project

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The main goal of the project is to offer classes in various forms of combat sports, tutoring and citizenship classes for children and youth of the German Complex. Thus, providing developing the potential of children and youth project beneficiaries aged 4:29 years.

The project "Life Is A Struggle" is an Association Hug Champion initiative that aims to be a space to provide the development of the potential of children and young people from Complexo do Alemão communities through Boxing activities & martial arts combined with citizenship and alternative education. The actions will focus the project on 2 fronts of service:

1 - Sports practice - offers sports activities in Boxing modalities, Capoeira, Muay Thai, Karate and Wrestling.
2 - Alternative Education - Consists of School Reinforcement activities, matching Citizenship classes.

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+300 children and teens affected every month

Expand Judo and Wrestling activities in the dojo being built.

safe community and responsible citizens

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

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