Fala Mulher acts in confronting domestic violence against women, the gender inequality in the deconstruction of the macho culture, women's financial dependence, lack of access to information on the Maria da Penha Law. A survey conducted by DataSenado, released in June 2017, on domestic and family violence against women in Brazil, revealed that there was a significant increase in the number of women who report having suffered some form of domestic violence. The studied showed that in 2015 there was a percentage of 18% of women who have suffered violence, in 2017 this figure rose to 29%. According to the Atlas of Violence in 2019, the Public Security Forum, indicates that there was an increase of female homicides in Brazil in 2017, with about 13 murders a day. In all, 4,936 women were killed, the highest number recorded since 2007. These data leave Brazil in the 5th position in the world ranking of women homicide, femicide.

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You warrant the wave of one woman, in a situation of domestic violence in craft workshop to encourage income generation.

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The Fala Mulher Association has as a fundamental principle of the host met women. To maintain and achieve excellence in service units it is necessary to the maintenance and revitalization of infrastructure services. The funds will be used to purchase materials for craft workshops and socio-educational activities; acquisition of computer products and electronics, building maintenance, transportation expenses and access for sightseeing and leisure and food. Through the collection of campaign resources we will ensure comfortable and healthy environment for thousands of women served, women insert and their children in cultural tours and leisure, ensuring more than 25,000 healthy meals for assisted Shelters of houses; greater agility in more than 13 thousand people and activities carried out by professionals Time Speech Women.


Contributes to the healthy nutrition of women and their children welcomed in Shelters.


Contributes to the purchase of school supplies for the children of women accepted in Shelters.


Contributes to culture and leisure activities, the city of São Paulo, for 40 women and 20 children and adolescents.


Ensure cozy atmosphere and family for more than 240 women, children and adolescents in situations of domestic violence, assisted in our patient service centers.

Através da arrecadação dos recursos da Campanha vamos garantir ambiente acolhedor e saudável para milhares de mulheres atendidas, inserção das mulheres e seus filhos em passeios culturais e de lazer, garantia de mais de 25 mil refeições saudáveis para os assistidos das Casas Abrigos; maior agilidade nos mais de 13 mil atendimentos e atividades realizados pelo Time de profissionais da Fala Mulher.
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Publish the name in the list of donors on the site.
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Contributes to the healthy nutrition of women and their children welcomed in Shelters.
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Publish the name in the list of donors on the site, thanks to social networks.
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Publish the name in the list of donors on the site, discount coupons for online purchases Desinchá brand.
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Publish the name in the list of donors on the site and an invitation for a visit in one of our units (lecture + afternoon coffee).

The Fala Mulher Association runs eight facilities for the care of individuals and families with rights violated. One of the Special Social Protection of medium complexity services are the centers of Defense and Coexistence of Women (Butantã and Green House). Each service has the capacity to serve 100 women per month. Offers psychosocial care, guidance and legal referral and social education, activities focused on craft workshops, encouraging female entrepreneurship and financial autonomy. In addition to on-site visits, the service also works in partnership with the facilities and services of the local service network, the areas of social welfare, education and health, offering lectures, rights violations groups, conversation circles and case discussions with the professionals involved.

One of the high complexity services of Special Social Protection, and also under Law 11.340 / 2006 (Maria da Penha Law), are the Shelters (Welcoming Center for Women Victims of Violence), which aims to provide sheltered housing and comprehensive care in women at risk of imminent death because of domestic violence. Each Shelter has a capacity for up to 20 people including women and their children by providing temporary shelter, through housing, food, transportation, social services, psychological support and social and educational activities.

Fala Mulher Association, the last two years, assisted more than 23,000 people in rights violation situation, they being, children, adolescents, women and men. Of this total, 62.5% were women who benefited from the visits and actions taken in combating violence against women. To meet this demand, came forward in the provision of care, individual psychosocial and group care, legal advice, social and educational activities and preventive actions, by trained professionals and skilled in dealing with the violation of rights, specifically in acting with violence against the woman. Thus, it was possible to meet the demands presented in its various forms, and contribute to the disruption of violating standards of rights, strengthening family ties and empowering people.

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More than 13,000 people attended

More than 8000 women attended in 2018.

More than 25,000 meals in 2018 with increased estimate for 73,000 meals in 2019.

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

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