- Dehumanization of medical treatment in hospitals
- Abandonment and depression in nursing homes and orphanages
- Loneliness, discouragement and sadness of people who are in vulnerable situations


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Contributes to the purchase of shirts for new singers.

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The funds will be used for the project EXPANSION for the city of São Paulo. Assemble a group of singers there, trained and supervised by our engineers in Rio. In Rio de Janeiro over 12 years, 250 million people have been directly impacted by the music of Cantareiros. Indirectly this impact extends to more than 150 million people in Brazil and around the world by viewing our videos on the Internet (data collected through research in various social networks) With the expansion to São Paulo we intend to considerably increase the number of people directly impacted by the project, through in-person visits.


Contributes to the costs of transportation and food singers during visits.


Contributes to hire transport and food singers


Contributes to the room and board of coordinators while in São Paulo


Contributes to the purchase of musical equipment to facilitate the visits

The funds will be used as follows:

- Air transport coordinators and members of the Rio Group in order to realize joint training and experiences with the Brazilians singers.
- Stay and feeding the same in São Paulo during the required periods.
- Purchase of musical technical apparatus necessary to enable the visits.
- Making shirts for the new group.
- Spending on transport and power group in Sao Paulo during the first year of activities.
- Expenses on leased land for testing.
Donating $15 you get:
Digital certificate
Donating $50 you get:
Digital certificate
Donating $50 you get:
digital certificate, a stylized design shirt
Donating $100 you get:
- Digital certificate
- Stylized design Shirt
- Video personal thanks
Donating $150 you get:
- Digital certificate
- Stylized design Shirt
- Video personal thanks
- Invitation to personally meet the group in action

- Bring joy, well-being and affection for vulnerable people through music, which is used as a therapeutic vehicle for emotional healing.
- To contribute to the humanization of hospital treatment and for raising the self-esteem and hope for the elderly and children in vulnerable situations.
- Understanding music as a way of integration, connection and affection.

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