The Active-CIA Island Commission acts in Maranhão, Piauí and Ceará since 2006 and due to the impact of the oil spill, the area needs a systematic monitoring, being carried out by FaunaMar projects and Solidarity Fishing. Although there are surveys, the region still has lack of scientific data on manatee (Piauí has the largest native manatee population in Brazil) and marine turtles in the far west of Ceará. These are endangered species at national level (MMA, 2013) and international (IUCN, 2019).

In addition, the work in the area is enhanced by the low range of environmental awareness to communities. The proposal could also increase the resource persons index for the first calls of beach strandings. The lack of community involvement in shared decision making processes contributes to many local problems, with it, the CIA proposes strengthens them to search for their rights. Failure to understand the areas and species may result in social and environmental collapse.

Comissão Ilha Ativa - CIA

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Purchase field material to protect the sea turtle nests.

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The funds raised will strengthen existing actions research, environmental education and community involvement within the areas of environmental protection. They allow work continuously monitoring the species and their ecosystems, evaluate possible impacts / threats suffered by them; as well as engage society for environmental awareness. The actions will involve field research, community training and playful activities. The impacts will allow the expansion of the network of social and environmental multipliers and generation of scientific data.


training materials for 40 community in animal rescue calls.


Contributes to purchase animal handling material in the field.


Contributes to achievement of 02 itinerant actions in institutions of public schools.


Contributes to achieving Rescue Sea Turtle and Manatee, living and / or dead.

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The organization, through its projects, conducts research and environmental education, aiming at the protection and conservation of natural and biodiversity assets, involving fishermen, farmers, seafood and other community in the areas of environmental conservation units.

Among the actions, the beach monitoring in search of groundings and protection of nests and chicks of sea turtles; fishermen to raise awareness of the practice of release of entrapped turtles in fishing gear; estimated population of fish and cattle-breeding and feeding its aspects, beyond redemption of the living aquatic mammal stranding.

To reach communities with conservation ideas, develops: beach cleaning campaigns and rivers, traveling museum with replicas of animals, biological materials (skull, shells) and educational / informative. As impact, awareness and community participation in sustainable conservation process of its territory. For species, the data generated will help in conservation strategies from the management bodies.

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1,000 community achieved with environmental awareness and training.

10,000 kilometers of beaches monitored stretches of the 12-month period.

90 shipments for monitoring the manatee.

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

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