The professionals who speak fluent English receive salaries up to 60% higher than those with basic knowledge of the language, and in Brazil, less than 10% of the population can communicate in English. In addition, more than half of the public English teachers have only the basic level of the language. CPM exists to provide quality English course to young students of the Brazilian public system, promoting income-generating and job opportunities, reducing social inequality. With CPM, young people of the communities are more likely to learn English and have greater access to opportunities that can transform their social reality.

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Contributes to 4 young people study English at CPM for a month.

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CPM has an increased power to act due to its strong network of partnerships it can establish, such as in free locations and materials for the English Course. These partnerships are established and maintained by human resources dedicated to the organization, who also manage the finances, the operations, the pedagogical aspects, communication, fundraising and all other administrative matters that assure performance with quality and transparency.
With the funds raised in this campaign, CPM will be able to guarantee the upkeep of the 12 English teaching units, with thousands of volunteers being trained in major events and thousands of students having all necessary support to their education from the printing of the exams to the performance of educational events.


Contributes to a young man to study English at CPM for a semester.


Contributes to a young man to study English at CPM for a year.


Contributes to a class of 20 students study English at CPM for a month.


Contributes to a student to complete a full course of English in CPM and be ready for the conquest of opportunities for social transformation.

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Thank you email
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Thank you email and thanks on social media
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Thank you email, thank you on social media and Digital Certificate.
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Thanks to social networks, Digital Certificate, E-mail of thanks from the President of CPM, letter of thanks made by a CPM student
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Thanks to social networks, digital certificate, receive rewards kit with CPM brand, invitation to meet a CPM unit of your choice, where you will receive letter of thanks made by a student and invitation to attend the Welcome and Catch up Meeting of the CPM event

CPM promotes integration of opportunities and social integration through the teaching of English to young people aged 11 to 25 years, students from public schools in SP and RJ. The course, which lasts 10 semesters, offers free classes on weekends, public spaces and schools partners with Cambridge materials and with the support of volunteer teachers. Learning English expands your horizons and gives access to universities and jobs in Brazil and abroad, making their lives and their families.

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+2800 English students attended a year.

12 English Teaching Units present in 5 cities of SP and RJ.

+1800 volunteers engaged a year.

Our actions are aligned with the
Sustainable Development Goals

Your donation is extremely important and necessary for more lives to be impacted. Every donation helps and makes a difference. Support and be part of the campaign!

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