In Brazil, about 2 million children and adolescents out of school. Among these, most have from 15 to 17 years (source: of the student-and-the-teachers). This situation is no different on the eastern edge of the city of São Paulo.

In Farm neighborhood Jute and its surroundings - Sapopemba district - the reality of Brazilian communities repeats: high school dropout. This happens for many reasons, among them we can mention: early pregnancy, involvement with crime or trafficking, drug addiction or even lack a structured family that supports and encourages the teen to stay in school. The Sapopemba district has about 290 000 inhabitants. Of these, 21% are under 15 years.

We're talking about 60,000 children and adolescents (Source: It would be scary to think that so many children and teenagers may drop out of school and, as a result, end up losing the opportunity to have a bright future because they have a perspective beyond the local reality.


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The project Opening Your World aims to provide a free English course lasting one year for teenagers of Finance Jute and region. For this, the funds will be used for structuring the classrooms of CIRES, purchase of teaching materials, scholarship to the teacher who will teach the course and maintenance of the project. The aim is to offer a quality course for 30 adolescents in the region (3 groups of 10 students).

Over $ 23,000, 30 teenagers will have access to a basic English course for 12 months. If every teenager could do this course at a language school with a monthly fee of R $ 250 after 12 months the total would be $ 90,000.


It covers the cost of 1 teenager per month for the project.


Buy 1 textbook for use throughout the course.


Buy 3 university portfolios for use in the classroom.


Ensures complete formation of one project teen Opening Your World.

O projeto Abrindo Seu Mundo visa oferecer um curso gratuito de inglês com duração de 1 ano para adolescentes da Fazenda da Juta e região. Para isso, os recursos serão utilizados para a estruturação das salas de aulas da Cires, compra de material didático, bolsa auxílio ao professor que ministrará o curso e manutenção do projeto. O objetivo é ofertar um curso de qualidade para 30 adolescentes da região (3 turmas de 10 alunos).

Com R$23 mil, 30 adolescentes poderão ter acesso a um curso básico de inglês por 12 meses. Se cada adolescente pudesse fazer esse curso em uma escola de idiomas com a mensalidade de R$250, após 12 meses o total seria de R$90 mil.
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The Opening Your World is a tool to assist in the reduction of truancy and generate new perspectives for teenagers. Available to adolescents of Finance Jute a free English course support the action of the public school that already offers this course in their curriculum and, through contact of a new culture, generate new prospects for this audience.

Knowing minimally the most spoken language in the world, put the teenager in a higher level of competitiveness, especially in the labor market. Being empowered with a new language, this teenager can now broaden their vision to other realities and opportunities are enxergadas.

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