The low self-esteem caused and helplessness of people with psychological problems caused by unemployment, difficulty in entering the labor market to move from career and the difficulty of access to real jobs, may cause depression and increase poverty rate / hunger current population . Today, we have an unemployment rate in Brazil of 11.8% to 12.6 million people seeking work (September 2019 - IBGE).

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The EscutAção project is ready to grow and reach other cities and states. With your donation and the power of volunteering, Cruzando Histórias may take empathic listening and career guidance for 1000 people in 2020, achieving double the number of affected cities (from 4 to 8) and increase by 150% the number of affected people monthly. People and companies investing in Cruzando Histórias contribute to the generation of employment and income, and building a more just and egalitarian society. Join our movement!


Contributes to the care of a person seeking outplacement.


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It contributes to the achievement of a EscutAção with up to 4 people seeking outplacement.


Contributes to the maintenance of Crossing Stories and conducting a EscutAção for up to 4 people seeking outplacement.

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The Cruzando Histórias listens, welcomes and empowers people seeking outplacement and career transition in Cotia and Sao Paulo. We contribute to the humanization of the labor market, breaking the isolation barriers and loneliness of individuals, through a methodology focused on host empathetic and reframing careers, which is based on the development of self-knowledge and self-esteem, leadership, professional development and enhancement of personal history. The project offers EscutAção empathic listening and career guidance in conversation circles format, leading dialogues friendly, using techniques of communication, non-violent. Impactamos already 110 people since May 2019.

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1500 hours of empathic listening and career guidance

1000 people heard and oriented

8 cities receiving EscutAção project (twice we serve today).

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

Your donation is extremely important and necessary for more lives to be impacted. Every donation helps and makes a difference. Support and be part of the campaign!

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