Food shortage, education, home, furniture, orientation, study, layettes. The work of the FEB drives the practical application of the Gospel, uniting everyone, bringing messages of peace and comfort, plus citizenship to many. All activities are essential to act in the formation of a good man, from feeding the mind to fraternity activities, solidarity, charity, unity and love, to the donation of important items to overcome hunger, not having to wear or where sleep and eat.

Federação Espírita Brasileira

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Contributes to the maintenance and upkeep of spirit houses, keeping the flame of charity in the heart of Christ's workers.

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The grant resources are responsible for providing food, comfort and hope to many hearts that come in contact with the Brazilian Spiritist Federation. All are fully used for the above listed activities and continue the FEB's mission to offer the Doctrine to humans through their study, practice and dissemination, by the joint union of spirit and unity of spirit institutions, contributing to the formation of man of well.


Contributes to the purchase of food in assembling food baskets to be distributed to beneficiaries, minimizing their weaknesses.


Contributes to the purchase of materials that help in making outfits for pregnant women assisted.


Contributes to the transformation of lives and spread the love in the experience and dissemination of Spiritism in Brazil.


Contributes to the development of the work of unification of the Brazilian spiritualist movement and its relationship with the international spiritual movement, through practice and study of Jesus' gospel, enabling the understanding of Christian teachings.

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Acting on several fronts such as: Through the Department of Social Welfare there is the power supply, study, essential items, furniture, orientation, food baskets, layettes to families in situations of social vulnerability. In 2018 were 4,258 registered families in vulnerable situations, 29mil meals and food distributed, 31mil donations of clothes and utensils in 2018. Through the Study Area are offered courses from babies, to more than 2000 weekly goers institution with guidance and guidelines of the Spiritist Doctrine, allowing improvement and consequent action in the well. Featuring one of the largest existing Spiritualists publishers, it has more than 600 book titles in print that allow expansion of knowledge. Through the National Federative Council of FEB works out the unification of the Spiritist Movement at the 27 state federation, bringing union needed to conduct the work in the various spiritual centers in the country.

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4,258 registered families in vulnerable situations in 2018.

29 mil meals and food distributed in 2018.

2 mil goers weekly studies.

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

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