We live in the world's worsening social vulnerability due to the digital divide and technological substitution. In Brazil, the impact of changes can further harm the young, as half of the population between 15 and 29 years have the future threatened by the lack of interest in studies or for doing informal jobs.

It is believed that 65% of school-age children will work even nonexistent professions, where digital skills and social-emotional skills will be increasingly indispensable. Without the work of our organization, thousands of young people can be excluded from the digital world and the possibilities of study, work and citizenship that provides technology.

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Proceeds from the campaign will be used to develop the Map Project Mourning and will be allocated to the following activities:

Course of 48 hours of training in qualitative research method for 20 young Fish other; Selection of 12 young leaders with the best researchers in the course; 24-hour training course on qualitative data analysis for 12 young researchers; Conduct semi-structured interviews by young researchers with mothers in each of the 13 most vulnerable [...]


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areas of Peixinhos district, the border river Beberibe: Condor, Giriquiti, Marezão, Beira Rio, DMV, Xuxa, Couscous, Emballo Cable Cat, New hope Pod Village Cohab, Village of Quarries and Arcos Circus; Producing a database with audio, transcripts and images of interviews conducted; Production of genealogical charts of the interviewed families who had relatives killed or in jail situation; List and locate on a map Fish other social facilities and youth policies used by the sons and daughters murdered / or the prison situation; Identify, in every interview, the composition of the family economy and noted the observations of the mothers on the economic impact of the deaths for the family; Production infographics with data on social and economic effects of grief in Peixinhos; Production of an interactive online platform containing qualitative data produced by research. Conducting 2 workshops with young mothers to collectively produce proposals for public policies based on the bereavement map data; Production of a document containing proposals for public policies for youth violence prevention; Producing a publication chronicling the collaborative process on the experience of counter-mapping of violence in urban peripheries. To donate to this campaign you will be contributing to the dream of mothers mourning their children to have a different life. The dream that young people have Fish other paths open and opportunities for choice. The young of these same dream of being able to access the formal labor market. By donating, you contribute to mothers and young people can dream together. Dream to no longer be part of the statistics that categorize the neighborhood as a hot zone of violence. The dream that, despite the pain that never ends, the youth of Peixinhos neighborhood can tread different paths. The map proposes Mourning impact models of research and creation of public security policies that seek to reduce urban violence and lethality of the black population. The impact of this proposal can be measured through the training and qualification of young leaders of Peixinhos neighborhood; the elaboration of public policies for youth and drawn from the specifics of their own neighborhood; and the role given to mothers in the production of data on public safety in Peixinhos. It is from the attentive and respectful listening the map Mourning will be built with the aim of offering a qualified demand of public policies that seek the reduction of urban violence in Brazilian peripheries.
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The objective of Mourning map is to help qualified demand of urban violence prevention policies through the collaborative production of qualitative data on which to base policies for youth geared to those who are still alive and grief in the community.

Inspired by international counter-mapping initiatives (kollektiv orangutan +, 2018), the initiative aims to build a map of mourning to express the social and economic effects of violence in the families of the neighborhood. To this end, the project provides for the training of young people in qualitative research method, as well as data collection and analysis conducted by young people with mothers who had their children murdered.

Based on the qualitative data produced in and with the community, it is expected at the end of the project to build demands qualified policies for the prevention of urban violence and to disseminate the experience of collaborative research as a form of urban violence from the perspective those who live it daily.

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