Planting trees is one of the proven solutions to address climate change and ensure the continuity of life on our planet. Our planet has already lost at least 46% of its trees since the beginning of human civilization. In Brazil, 92% of the Atlantic Forest was destroyed for agricultural production and today farmers are suffering from the lack of water and the imbalance of production. Here in Brazil have planted over 130,000 native trees and this year we plan to plant over 10,000!

Iracambi: Centro de Conservação da Mata Atlântica

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In the long run, healthy forests increase soil fertility, regenerate the springs and allow the formation of rain clouds, attacking the water crisis at its root. The forest restoration restores water, as trees absorb carbon to combat climate change - a victory for the forest, for farmers and for all of us. Together we will restore damaged ecosystems, save forests, protect and renew the water supply, combat climate change, plant trees and hope for a better future for future generations.


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No longo prazo, florestas saudáveis aumentam a fertilidade do solo, regeneram as nascentes e permitem a formação de nuvens de chuva, atacando a crise da água em sua raiz. A restauração da floresta restaura a água, enquanto as árvores absorvem carbono para combater a mudança climática - uma vitória para a floresta, para os agricultores e para todos nós.
Juntos, vamos restaurar ecossistemas danificados, salvar florestas, proteger e renovar o abastecimento de água, combater as mudanças climáticas, plantar árvores e a esperança para um futuro melhor para as futuras gerações.
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No water, no life and no forest without water!

Without forests to protect our soil and water, we are all directly affected. If you are a Brazilian grower facing water shortages and crop failures or a resident of California experiencing water restrictions. We are working with local farming communities to reforest close to sources and along the riverbanks, selecting productive tree species that bring economic gains and protecting water sources. But the solution is in the attitude, we need to unite and act now and we need to start with what works. Please join us!

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Native trees planted +130.000

+150.000 people impacted directly in 9 municipalities.

+500 hectares of forests under permanent protection.

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

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