Our project seeks to fill a kindergarten demand for children's differentiated Sao Goncalo district of Rio das Pedras, in the municipality of Serro. Our children lack a more playful educational approach, creative and artistic, that promotes the integral development, human values and care for the planet and all beings.

Jardim do Elefante (Instituto de Permacultura EcoVIDA São Miguel)

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Purchase of teaching quality materials

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The funds raised will be important to provide the community of children bags that can not afford to contribute financially to acquire pedagogical quality materials, remunerate fairly the educators and technical staff working on the project, as well as expansion of activities, according to the education of every age demands.


Contributes to the fair remuneration of educators, pedagogical quality material


Partial scholarship, fair remuneration of teachers and technical staff and purchase of teaching materials


Grants for low-income and solidarity bags children (service changes), fair remuneration of the teachers and technical staff, purchase of teaching materials


Contributes to the achievement of the educators training activities scholarships for low-income and solidarity bags children (service changes), fair remuneration of s educators and technical staff and purchase of teaching materials

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Special thanks on our social media profiles; Video tutorial of "Indian homemade biodigester", from Peter Cezar (Permaculture Guide)
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Silvana Cunha's "The Power of Healing in All of Us" (TQC Quantum Healing) Magic Basket: An essential oil or eco-friendly toiletries or crochet amigurumi or OQPM camera? and others to choose from; Or a book: - Small Futurists Inventory (Worlds Institute); Wood Flower (Larissa Lamas); Queen Ginga Warrior of Angola (Mariana Bracks); Mandalas and Poetry (Evelyn Zajdenwerg); Positive Discipline from 0 to 3 years
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Thanks in the new Elephant Garden video A therapy session or class of your choice: MOV; Vibrational DNA Modification (Bianca Berquó), Aguahara (Ana Aiwuee), Ayurverdica Yoga-Massage (Raphael), Thetahealing (Juliana Sardinha), Quiet Seed Method (Aquino Mara) or 1 Christmas Rate at Pousada Mirante do Vale
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Thanks in the 2020 Results Report and video Course and consultancy of your choice: -

Positive Discipline (Lidia Lino) - Menstrual Mandala (Lari Ahmyo); Children and Canvas (Igor Amin); Permaculture (Marina Utsch);13 Moon Synchronous Peace Astrology (Pablo Bedmar and Mariana Motta) or Casa Anahata (accommodation in São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras for 2 people)

With school complementary activities based on Waldorf education, we are implementing a kindergarten which currently serves 12 children with painting activities, modeling, cooking, music, storytelling, games, celebrations linked to elements of nature and culture, gardening and permaculture. Through partnerships with the nursery and other cultural institutions of the district, we want to expand the implementation of educational methods that respect the human being and work towards a culture of peace.

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17 children with recreational and educational activities inspired by Waldorf

7 scholarships of up to 75% for children whose parents have no condition to contribute financially.

Events regular human and technical training for educators in the region

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

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