My Campinas promotes the participation of people in decision-making in the public interest of the city! Every day we follow the Campinas policy engagement and create opportunities for citizens to a more sustainable city! We believe that the more we participate in decisions that affect us on a daily basis, more strengthen our democratic institutions and thus prepare to deal with the contemporary challenges of our city. If My Campinas cease to exist, we lose the power of a network who has starred in more than 40 mobilization campaigns and engaged about 20 thousand people. In addition to demonstrations and campaigns that inform and promote the participation, we conducted joint with groups and movements in regions of social vulnerability of the city to support them in the development of actions and campaigns that are directly to community needs.

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Support the dissemination of news of city politics through our social networks and our email "The Week", which is the curator of the main news of the week.

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We need R $ 14 thousand reais to enter 2020 with much greater sustainability. For this, we want 200 supporters donating R $ 70 reais! Learn how we are going to invest the donation: - R $ 8000 Reais (57% of target) - will support the linkage with groups and social movements. Will be 4 hours per week, for 10 months, totaling 160 hours of My Campinas in communities! - R $ 4960.00 (35%) - to support our weekly trip at City Hall. Just as important as being in the communities is to accompany the councilors! - R $ 1096.00 (8% of target) - operating costs, consisting of: 6.9% of the total amount collected to the digital platform + R $ 0.65 per transaction.


Support a weekly trip in the session of the City Council to keep up with the bills and the performance of 33 city councilors!


Support our work by public transport Campinas which serves about 560,000 passengers per day. One of the most expensive contracts the city is at stake and we are watching!


Support the campaign that charges the government to revitalize the single sports court garden Santa Clara, which will benefit a community of 6000 people!


Donate to support one of the events that we will do in 2020, up to 50 people to talk about the Municipal Elections in Campinas.

Precisamos de R$ 14 mil reais para entrar em 2020 com muita mais sustentabilidade. Para isso, queremos 200 apoiadores doando R$ 70 reais! Saiba como vamos investir a doação:

- R$ 8 mil reais (57% da meta)- irão apoiar a articulação com grupos e movimentos sociais. Serão 4 horas por semana, por 10 meses, totalizando 160 horas de Minha Campinas nas comunidades!
- R$ 4.960,00 (35%) - para apoiar nossa ida semanal na Câmara Municipal. Tão importante quanto estar nas comunidades é acompanhar os vereadores!- R$ 1.096,00 (8% da meta)
- custos operacionais, compostos por: 6,9% do valor total arrecadado para a plataforma digital + R$ 0,65 por transação.
Donating $25 you get:
Thanks in the newsletter "A Semana"
Donate $70 you get:
I thank you for the stories of my Instagram Campinas in one of the sessions that we follow! We will let you know the date for you to keep an eye. =)
Donating $100 you get:
Thanks on Instagram + You will be our special guest for a Policy Games Afternoon on My Campinas! Let us understand more of the playful and participatory politics.
Donating $200 you get:
Thanks on Instagram + Receiving photos and information of how the community used the feature + special guest for a Policy Games Afternoon on My Campinas. Let us understand more of the playful and participatory politics.
Donating $1500 you get:
Thanks to social networks (Facebook + Instagram) and live at the event. You or the supporting company, may also indicate a community that can receive the event. Also you, or employees of the supporting company, will be welcomed by the entire staff of My Campinas, to chat about our management model and performance, which has engaged more than 20,000 people in 40 campaigns that promote a more sustainable city!

My Campinas mobilizes, unites and joins the forces of a network of people around causes that are aligned with our principles (non-partisanship, foundation, dialogue, pacifism, creativity, independence, respect for human rights, pluralism, action channeling, sharing and transparency). Our work seeks to encourage the autonomy of citizens to fight for their rights and understand their shared responsibility to live in society. Recently we were able to support the approval of a municipal bill mandating the use of biodegradable straws, replacing the plastic straws. Articulating partnerships and dialogue the relevant bodies, also managed to suspend the bidding of public transport, since the City refused to carry out a participatory process in one of the most central and strategic issues of any major city. In addition to 12 successful campaigns, we developed two applications (Vota Vota Campinas and São Paulo), which helped about 20,000 voters to choose a representative, showing which candidates thought like the voter. We are an organization that communicates, translating Politiques, their actions through social networks and e-mail. Every week we send a newsletter that informs the main news of the city (for our members get inside) and the actions that we are conducting. We seek sustainable ways to promote the culture of participation in the day to day running and campineiras from Campinas to strengthen our democracy.

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20 communities / groups will receive our support to mobilize

40 sessions of the City Council accompanied in person

5 communities carry out actions to promote the culture of social participation

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

Your donation is extremely important and necessary for more lives to be impacted. Every donation helps and makes a difference. Support and be part of the campaign!

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