Provide children and adolescents treated, a warm, stimulating and protective, as opposed to that offered by the collective gardens and villas in risk areas, where they are exposed to trafficking and consumption of drugs, physical and emotional abuse, child labor, malnutrition, hygiene in inadequate conditions and / or promiscuous.

Our challenge, therefore, is to restore in children and adolescents the belief that it is worthy of better living conditions, you are entitled to experience situations that assist to develop healthily, physically, socially and emotionally.

Núcleo de Convivência Menino Jesus

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Thank you for your contribution. It will ensure breakfast for ten (10) children.

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Your donation will allow us to continue to develop recreational activities, cultural, social, civic and sports with children and adolescents during the period staying in the Center for Coexistence Child Jesus. We have physical and space team of 23 professionals with cutting-edge training, able to meet the challenges of social vulnerability that affects the families of the young people we serve in our program. Our team includes workshop instructors who teach Judo, Contemporary Dance, Street Dance, Circus, as well as development of personal hygiene habits like daily showers, and balanced nutrition with breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Grateful for his gesture, which will enable the acquisition of two children's books for storytelling to eighty (80) children.


Gratitude! Your efforts will enable the adequate personal hygiene (bathing, brushing teeth, etc.) in a safe environment, 10 ten children / adolescents for a month


Gratitude! Your efforts will enable the adequate personal hygiene (bathing, brushing teeth, etc.), 10 ten children / adolescents during a whole month.


Thank you! This contribution will enable the viability of recreational activities, cultural and social education to a child for an entire quarter.

Estamos participando dessa campanha para assegurar o atendimento que temos realizado há 24 anos, cada vez com maior dificuldade, uma vez que a Administração Pública aporta apenas 40% dos recursos de que necessitamos anualmente, e precisamos, sempre, encontrar novas formas de financiamento deste serviço tão importante para as famílias.
Donating $25 you get:
Email of thanks
Donating $50 you get:
Email of thanks
Donating $100 you get:
Donor's digital certificate and sent with email of thanks
Donating $250 you get:
Donor's digital certificate by e-mail of thanks featured quote on our social networks (if you do not want us to do a quote, please communicate by email to and invitation for a breakfast with our children and adolescents.
Doando R$500,00 você ganha:
Envio de certificado digital por e-mail de agradecimento, citação em destaque em nossas redes sociais (caso não deseje que façamos a citação, favor comunicar por e-mail para e convite para um café da manhã com nossas crianças e adolescentes

The NCMJ makes available to families that fit the social vulnerability profile adequate structure, physical and trained employees (educators, assistants, etc.) for the reception and socio-educational development of their children, socio-emotional and motor skills.

Welcome, safety (the certainty that your children are safe, protected and treated with respect and dignity while your parents seek support from families).

Improvement of family income, better quality of life, transformation of the family environment, prevention of school dropout and improvement of school performance through the sharing of learning acquired by children in NCMJ, with their relatives and family empowerment. Since its founding 24 years ago, the Boy Jesus Coexistence Center has caused changes in the lives of about 800 children, of approximately 750 families, with an estimated total of over 3,000 people, helping in solutions such as: - Prevention of child labor;

Together we transform realities

Our impact on society

120 children and adolescents served daily, with potential for 160.

110 families served annually by consolidating a total of approximately 500 people.

700 families, about 3,000 people directly impacted over our existence.

Our actions are aligned with the
Sustainable Development Goals

Your donation is extremely important and necessary for more lives to be impacted. Every donation helps and makes a difference. Support and be part of the campaign!

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