As executor of Home Institutional Services, the temporary institutional shelter mode (as art. 35.2, Law No. 11.340 / 2006), the Association of Assistance to Women, Children, Adolescents and Victims of Violence "START" meets women, with or not for their children, in situations of violence-threatening or threats because of domestic violence, causing injury, physical, sexual, psychological or moral damage. Therefore, seeks to provide full protection and care; protect women and their children, preventing the continuation of situations of violence; provides physical safety, emotional and strengthening of self-esteem; ensures the family access to social assistance rights and social safety net; expands women's access to justice and free legal aid; articulates public and private actions in the network; contributes to the process of social integration of women and their children.

This is a confidential service, in order to preserve the security and identity of users, providing specialized care by a multidisciplinary team (social worker, psychologist, lawyer and social educators) with a focus on full protection of women and their children . Therefore, if the job was not offered to women in situations of violence with imminent risk of death, it is understood that femicide rates, already alarming, could be even greater.


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In the period in which women must remain embraced for their protection and their children, they are offered toiletries, clothing and complete food, and leisure and coexistence. Families are comfortably accommodated in cabins with twin beds and private baths, requiring cleaning products and resources to maintain these spaces and available products. The feature received will be important to address these needs and improve the quality of service offered through improvements in physical infrastructure, site security and materials offered to the families involved, making it possible to reduce the impact of social isolation.


Contribution for the purchase of toiletries.


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It provides full protection to women over 18 years in situations of violence, with the risk of loss of integrity or life. We offer temporary Institutional Home service, with capacity to serve up to 20 people, and made connections with the Rights Guarantee System, as well as psychosocial support. It is expected that, with the work done, it is possible to contribute to reduction of women's rights violations in situations of violence and their children; prevent worsening or recurrence of violence and rights violations against women; promote the building of women's autonomy; break the cycle of domestic violence, preventing the increase of femicide rates.

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134 women, with their children attended.

134 families spared femicide.

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