- Access to child care (lack of places for children from poor families)
- Low quality of public education Idleness of young people after school
- Low access to free culture Neglect and isolation of older people in socially vulnerable Social inequality
- Very little provision of public services in the areas of education, culture and sports - Lack of prospects and career opportunities in the young

Rede Cruzada

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Contributes to the care and education of 02 children by 01 days

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The institution is supported by donors and investors, thanks to this support we can carry out our activities. The funds received by the campaign will be used for the operation itself, ie, to partially finance the more than 600 children a year education.


Contributes to the care and education of 04 children by 01 days


Contributes to the care, feeding and education of 01 children by 01 weeks


Contributes to the care, food and education for 01 children from 01 months


Contributes to the care, feeding and 18 children in nursery education for 01 months

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The work of the Network Crusade goes far beyond the work with early childhood education. Through activities that promote citizenship, vision and critical thinking and reflective, from sports to education and continuing education, the Network invests in Crusade against shift school taking the teen and youth idleness. It highlights the social project that is developed in the House Emilien Lacay.

Through the community center for the elderly, stimulates the autonomy, the appreciation of knowledge, the rescue of memory and respect between generations. The institution has 04 units, and 03 in the city of Rio de Janeiro (Jacarepaguá, Sampaio and Del Castilho) and 01 in the city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto Valley in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. Our commitment is to disseminate education for all as a basis for the transformation of the individual, family and society.

Our work benefits low-income public, residents of high social risk communities surrounding the units, as City of God, Jacarezinho, Flag 2, Wet Mouse, May 2. Are the communities with the lowest HDI in Rio de Janeiro and with higher levels of violence and social vulnerability. Rede Cruzada also invests in against school day taking adolescents and youth idleness and violence in their communities. We believe it is possible, through education, change the reality for many children and young people and transform the vulnerability in dignity, less social inequality and better opportunities.

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People benefited directly: 1,564

People indirectly benefited: 6,256

Daily met children: 686

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

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