There are several barriers that reduce the access of children with disabilities to play, leisure and other opportunities for socializing and participating in playful activities with their parents and other children due to factors such as mobility restrictions, communication, inclusive play, toys. accessible and prejudice.

Without a change in attitude, few changes will occur in the lives of children with disabilities perpetuating their isolation. Underestimating their capabilities and potential is a huge obstacle to their development.

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Contributes to the purchase of craft materials for use in the production of entertainment and sensory objects that will be used in brincantes interventions.

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We want the joy and happiness of play are possible for all children !! Your donation will help realize the actions of Come Play project also! to promote the right of children with disabilities to play and full participation in cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure activities, as well as other children. The campaign aims to raise $ 30,000.00 and is part of an action plan to meet 300 children 04-08 years with sensory disabilities, their parents / carers bringing together a total of 300 families of children served and 60 educators responsible the educational service of children. interventions will be carried out in parks and media training


Contributes to the purchase of costumes and props for use by children and mediators during brincantes interventions.


Contributes to the acquisition of the materials used in the production of tailored handmade toys that are made during the multipliers training workshops.


Contributes to the accessibility of the materials used in the training of multipliers as the production of audio book and video with subtitles and Pounds window.


Contributes to the adaptation of simply toys developed by hand or using complex switches, triggers, etc., making it possible to play for children with severe disabilities movement.

Serão realizadas 04 intervenções em parques e duas formações de mediadores brincantes voltadas a pais, familiares e educadores para que possam se tornar multiplicadores da iniciativa. Precisamos de vocês para conseguirmos oferecer maior assistência às crianças com deficiência tornando as interações com os pares nas brincadeiras mais adequadas, o respeito e a sociabilidade mais positivo, incentivando o afeto para que as habilidades sociais como criatividade, independência, extroversão e interesse em interagir com outras crianças aumentam.
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Digital certificate Friend Inclusive Play
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Playing Buddy digital certificate Inclusive and thanks on social networks.
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Digital Friend Playing Inclusive certificate, thanks to social networks, name included in the permanent panel of Friends of Inclusive Play.
Donating $200,00 you get:
Digital Friend Playing Inclusive certificate, thanks to social networks, name included in the Friends of the permanent panel Playing Inclusive, thanks Audio.
Donating $400,00 you get:
Digital Friend Playing Inclusive certificate, thanks to social networks, name included in the Friends of the permanent panel Playing Inclusive, thank you video.

Reduce exclusion and isolation resulting in better quality of life and well-being; significant changes in their perception of the world by promoting increased interest, motivation, joy and happiness; Expansion in the supply of games and toys suitable; Increasing awareness of parents and families about the importance of play; Greater opportunity for coexistence and interaction between children with and without disabilities.

Together we transform realities

Our impact on society

300 children with disabilities benefited.

300 families participating in the Care Network to Inclusive Play.

60 educators participating in the training in inclusive play.

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

Your donation is extremely important and necessary for more lives to be impacted. Every donation helps and makes a difference. Support and be part of the campaign!

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