- Extinction of endangered species

- Removal of forest cover / deforestation

- Low awareness and environmental education

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It is important to strengthen an ongoing project, carried out in three municipalities of Acre (Tarauacá, Mancio Lima and Guajará), one with lift index burned in 2019 (Tarauacá). With this feature, we will expand the production of seedlings and start the recovery of the spring area producer Justin Vicente da Silva, Tarauacá, Acre. (I will do with the project coordinator the number of seedlings)


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Help against deforestation and fires

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Help against deforestation and forest fires; Generates ecological benefits, social and economic; It involves and helps communities with high social vulnerability; Is forest restoration springs areas; promotes recovery of the soil cover. Recovery of 15 hectares of degraded areas; Participation of 30 families; Income generation; Diversity food; Improve water quality; Connection to the world.

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160 hectares of recovered areas

105 families benefited from the project

130 mil seedlings produced

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

Your donation is extremely important and necessary for more lives to be impacted. Every donation helps and makes a difference. Support and be part of the campaign!Sua doação é extremamente importante e necessária para que mais vidas sejam impactadas positivamente. Toda doação ajuda e faz diferença. Faça parte desta campanha!

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